Be the world ’s preeminent producer of water-soluble polymers.


Assure our clients the most reliable source and the broadest range of polymers and services, with the quality and price they need to meet their important performance goals.


Within this fast moving world,
China is now an undeniable global key engine of Growth & Development.

This background reinforced our willingness to take root in China in early 90s, as pioneers. As a witness of all changes which happens in Chinese Society, Economy and Politic, we definitely support Chinese’s green development leadership by manufacturing products for Water & Mud treatment while our products also contributes to Chinese’s Energy access policy.

Since the opening of our Manufacture in Taixing, SNF CHINA keeps growing up quickly by significantly contributing to SNF Group’s global success.

As a global leader, we have the legitimate ambition to be a worldwide & valuable example and thus, to promote our Ethic, focused on all our employees :

The Safety & the Health, The Environment, The Knowledge and the Welfare. We believe these values are essential to keep growing-up in Harmony, despite crisis and with new challenges.

Of course, our Clients exigencies remains a major stake : our unequalled experience and expertise within polyacrylamide production, research & development, combined with our business strategy based on volume & manufacturing capacity, allow us to ensure to our Clients High-quality products, at Low cost and with a Expert’s technical support & assistance.

In this Sustainable Development framework, SNF China’s size will double these coming years.

Day by days, all SNF CHINA employees contribute to make our vision a reality.