Health & Safety

"The safety, health and welfare of all SNF employees is of the utmost importance to our Group, and is a fundamental aspect of efficient business practice."
René Pich, President of the SNF Group

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CDC Model

SNF(China) management level and every employee have been devoted to work of establishing Provincial Health Promotion Model Enterprise in Jiangsu. Both the company and the Labour Union have incorporated into the annual working plan. To provide staff much more healthy、 safety、clean and comfortable environment, SNF has done a lot:
On the hardware side: Modified and decorated office building, canteen, dressing room, bathroom and workshops. Besides, built a new special EHS training room and reading room which can accommodate about 60 persons.
Reinstall Publicize Board and information indicator and SNF(China) regularly issue varieties of EHS information and blackboard newspapers, have been added warning signs and new emergency channel signs in workshops and operating posts.
On software side: SNF(China) has been holding many kinds of EHS activities of departments and teams, promoting the hygiene and humanistic environment, actively carry out 5S work.
All strengthen staff's awareness in EHS responsibilities and promote company's overall development and improvement.
SNF(China) has been increasing the funding in EHS, making great efforts to grasp work of EHS training 、health promotion and health intervention, organizing annual training of health.
knowledge, distributing questionnaires, striving to promote and improve health literacy and health habits of employees and get "Provincial Health Promotion Enterprise in Jiangsu".

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Environmental Protection

Less use of packaging that cannot be recycled. Less use of toxic chemicals and their parameters: less free monomers, the replacement of CMR chemicals (i.e. carcinogens, mutagens and reproductive toxins) by others which do not fall into this category. Proposals for an automatic measuring system that will optimise the products’ consumption. The replacement of mineral by organic coagulants that are more biodegradable and that produce less sludge.
A constant striving for reductions in the use of reagents, through :
> better dissolution;
> new products;
> on-site optimisation trials;
> user training.

Sustainable Development

In the 21st century, sustainable development will be a crucial issue. The SNF Group is deeply involved in the environmental sector, and is a world leader in water-treatment technology.We need to set an example on the social, environmental and economic fronts if our own activity is to be sustainable over the long term, and if we are to maintain growth rates that will guarantee our future. With this in mind, we have launched a sustainable development strategy aimed at:
> focusing on core values as a way to enhance our effectiveness, within a general policy of respect for people and the environment;
> achieving gains in productivity by infusing each member of the company with a sense of responsibility;
> promoting innovation and the development of new products, equipment and techniques that will cut down on the consumption of energy and non-renewable resources;
> risk analysis in the design and/or modification of production facilities;
> the production and updating of crisis plans for risk management;
> recycling, reductions of waste and discharges, and their treatment in controlled conditions;
> a strict adherence to safety norms on the part of all our staff, and particularly those in management positions;
> the development of skills through focused training programmes;
> constructive dialogue with our different partners.
We are committed to transparency, and we publish an annual report on sustainable development that sets out our principles and achievements in economic, social and environmental terms. We must not rest on our laurels. The objective of sustainable development implies a positive approach to progress, and we need to be aware that it cannot be reached without the participation of each individual. We need to work together in a spirit of solidarity, respect for the environment and practical effectiveness if we are to live up to our responsibilities and convictions in the field of sustainable development.»
René Pich, President of the SNF Group

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